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IPT Clinic

The Imperial Valley's Most Comprehensive PT & Rehabilitation Centers

El Centro, CA 92243

The professional staff at the Imperial Physical Therapy three offices strive to provide the best possible quality care and services

Providing Quality PT Care

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The Imperial Physical Therapy: Professional Therapists

The Imperial Physical Therapy (IPT) has three offices located in El Centro, Calexico, and Brawley in Imperial County, CA, and specializes in providing advanced Physical Therapy treatments for patients with chronic and post-surgical orthopedic, sports, and work related injuries.

Pioneer in providing quality care and rehabilitation services using expert, competent, caring professional physical therapists and staff working in close relationship with referring physicians, dentists, and hospitals, and accepting most insurance plans.

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The three Imperial Physical Therapy (IPT) offices, located in El Centro, Calexico and Brawley in Imperial county, California, offer honest, caring environment where our therapists and patients work together in order to achieve the highest levels of physical well being and recovery of our patients.

Our goal is to provide quality services, in order to help our patients to improve their daily activities and to restore function, and prevent further injuries so they can resume their normal, healthy life faster.

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Quality PT Matters


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IPT Clinics Locations

El Centro, Calexico, Brawley