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The Imperial Physical Therapy (IPT) director is Farid Zia, PT.DPT

Mr. Farid Zia talks about ergonomics in an interview conducted by the Imperial Valley Press.

Keywords: Ergonomics, Posture, Fit Furniture

Farid Zia Doctor of Physical Therapy says "It's really important for everyone to have correct posture. I see a lot of people slouch when they're at the computer."

Mr. Zia added "Correct posture is vital to avoid workplace injury. Unnatural positions and movements, like cradling a phone receiver between the ear and the shoulder and slouching can cause pain and injury to joints and muscles over the years. Posture is the major cause of muscular skeletal injuries."

Mr. Zia stated "A clean (organized) workplace is essential and keeps people from stretching to reach everyday objects as well."
He added "One of the major things people can do is to get rid of clutter on the desk. They have to put objects that they use within close reach."

Mr. Zia stated "Common sense is necessary. People shouldn't strain while typing, holding phones or lifting heavy objects." He said "Expensive furniture does not necessarily translate to an ergonomic fit." Just because it's an expensive chair, doesn't mean it's a good chair. They have to try the chair before they buy."
Reference: Imperial Valley Press - Sunday October 17, 2010 - Health - B9

About Ergonomics

Adaptability and efficiency of equipment and devices used in working environment to eliminate discomfort and fatigue and to maximize safety and productivity.

When it comes to ergonomics, there is a science behind designing equipment, furniture, architecture, interior architecture, and tools. Human factor are taken under consideration to maximize the effectiveness of a designed piece for preventing injuries and providing comfort and enjoyment.

Equipment and devices used in working environment must fit each individual person and their movements.

Working Environment
A comfortable working environment includes proper and adaptable height and scale of the furniture, as well as proper positioning and arrangements of the tools and materials that are used on a daily basis.

For example, the required height of counter top and overhead cabinets for a person that is less than 5' is different than for a person who is taller like over 6', as well as the height of the seat of a chair, sofa or a bench. Before buying furniture, you must try the furniture for a proper height and scale to make sure that is the right fit for you.

Disability Prevention
In order to eliminate potential for a long-term disability, this should be a common practice for using the computer to make sure your legs and forearms are horizontally level and not hanging or going upward, your back is straight and your neck or head is not going forward. Your monitor and TV must be at proper distance and height in relation to your eyes position and the size of the monitor or TV.

Correct Posture While Using the Computer In order to eliminate repetitive strain injuries while using the computer:

Adjust your office chair height and back support to fit you correctly, keep your elbow at 90 degrees, keep your wrist straight while using the keyboard, keep your seat back at 90 degrees angle, use a lumbar support for your lower back, keep your knee at 90 degrees angle, keep your viewing distance from monitor between 18"-24", and shorter people need to use footrest to rest their feet on proper horizontal level.

Protect Your Wrist
Many people lean their wrist or middle of their forearm against the edge of their desk while using the mouse and the keyboard. This can put strain on your wrist and arm.

You can purchase and use soft wrist and armrest to eliminate the strain. In addition, your mouse should not be placed too far from your body, and your wrist should not be bending sideward or upward. Your mouse should be at your side where your arm is kept close to your body when using the mouse.

Your Upper Arm and Shoulder Care Your upper arm and shoulder should not be elevated or stretched forward when you are using the mouse or keyboard.

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